This page features music articles I've written for various magazines and Web sites. Article
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Laura Nyro Made Her Mark Writing Hit Songs, Not Performing Them  

TV on DVD: "The Donna Reed Show: Season Four" (Popdose)  

Interview with Cindy Wilson of the B-52s (Popdose)    

One-Woman Musical Tells of Laura Nyro’s Influence (The Indypendent)  

Almost Un-Jumping the Shark: 'Happy Days' Season Ten (Popdose)  

4 Out of 5 Doctors: Made Ill by the Music Industry (Popdose)  

Run-D.M.C.'s Rap/Rock Mix was a Revelation (Goldmine)  

The Cost of Freedom: The Rascals' Struggle for Change (Pop Matters)  

Sea of Heartbreak: Dennis Wilson's Majestic Solo Work (Pop Matters)  

Yoko Ono Interview: Don't Say She Broke Up the Beatles (Goldmine)  

Grateful Dead's Bob Weir Recalls the Summer of Love (Goldmine)  

Pop Fans Seek Out Vinyl Valuables (Baltimore Sun)

The Holster Project (DC Magazine)  

The French Kicks - Almost Famous (DC Magazine)  

Mobtown Sounds - The Baltimore Music Scene (DC Magazine)  

John Mellencamp's Independent Spirit Gets Him to the Rock Hall (Goldmine)  

Rolling Stones' Satanic Majesties Revisited (Perfect Sound Forever)  

Gingham Back Alive: A Blogger Reunites the Womenfolk (Wash. City Paper)  

Honor Thy Father: An Interview with Dweezil Zappa (Pop Matters)  

A Look at Early MTV (Perfect Sound Forever)  

Kings of Leon: The Time is Now (Hittin' the Note)   Text   PDF

Interview with Wye Oak (Prefix)  

Interview with Paul Weller (Prefix)  

John Doe: Year of the Women (Harp)  

Interview with My Brightest Diamond's Shara Worden (Prefix)  

10 Questions with Dee Snider (Goldmine)  

The Mysterious New York Koala (Goldmine)  

All Stones Unturned: Early Unreleased Rolling Stones (Pop Matters)  

Found Genres: The All-Out Noise Fest (Pop Matters)  

Interview with Kelly Crisp of the Rosebuds (Prefix)  

Interview with Franz Nicolay of the Hold Steady (Prefix)  

The Pietasters Step Up for a Second Helping (American Music Press)   Text   PDF

You Tube Brings the Old Videos Back Home (Record Collector)   Text   PDF

The Technicolor Web’s Online Sound Revolution (Scram Online)  

Interview with DM Stith (Prefix)  

Interview with Davey VonBohlen of Cap'n Jazz (Prefix)     

Online Publication Ain’t Your Daddy’s Crawdaddy!  (Harp)  

Levon Helm Gets Back to His Roots (Hittin' the Note)   Text   PDF

Roll Over, Courtesy of Beethoven (Pop Matters)  

Devon Allman's Honeytribe (Hittin' the Note)   Text   PDF

American Minor: Making the Jump to the Majors (Hittin' the Note)   Text   PDF

Translator: Lost in Translation (Goldmine)  

Carolyne Mas: Stillsane After All These Years (Perfect Sound Forever)  

Lori Loughlin's Designer Role (Washington Post)  

Joy of Cooking's Innovative Recipe (Perfect Sound Forever)  

Joe Lee's Adventure in All Things Round, Black and Circular (Maryland Life)  Text   PDF

Blueground Undergrass: Moving Beyond Newgrass (Hittin' the Note)   Text   PDF
Yoko Ono (Photo by Tom Haller)
Paul Weller/Shore Fire Media
Rascals/Joe Russo Archive
Rosebuds/Merge Records
Bob Weir by Susanna Millman