Ski Roundtop ...  Fun in the Pennsylvania mountains

Ballroom Boxing  ...  Violence, half-naked women...what's not to like?

Daniels Biker Bar ...  Tried hard not to knock over any bikes

Marble Show  ... Not just child's play

Bowie Baysox ...  Minor League baseball really is more exciting

Demolition Derby ... They wouldn't let me use "Columbine"as a verb here!

Sci-Fi Convention ... Not as nerdy as you're fearing

Dewey Beach's Running of the Bulls ... This one got a radio ad!

Lawnmower Races ...  Not as wild as the demolition derby

East Coast Surfing Championships ... Take your Jan & Dean CDs along

Reptile Show ...  Strange-but-fun annual event

Scottish Highland Games ... They almost kilt this story

Mule Show ... Country culture on the Eastern Shore

Natural Bridge's Hallowscream  ...  They should have this year 'round

Mr. Ed's Elephant Museum  ... Eccentricity by the (ahem) trunkload

Singles in the City ... Kind of like "Sex in the City" but without the sex

Berkeley Springs Water Tasting ... Yes, they really do compare waters!

Superlative Sites ... D.C.'s best and brightest

Miss USA Competition ... Donald Trump was the real star here, of course

Haunted History Tour ... Unnerving; maybe because I was ill that night

High-Tail it to Bluegrass Country ...  Down-home amateur music competition
These are some of the Road Trip columns I've written for The Washington Post. The idea of
this column is to head out on the highway (Jack Kerouac style), look for adventure, and report
back any interesting findings. What's to discover? Well, it seems there are more oddball
examples of Americana alongside America's highways than anyone realizes. All stories are PDF
links, because each article includes a map.